Scholarship recipient update

Hello OC Alumni Club!

First, I would like to thank you all for your generous scholarship for the semester and give you a little mid-semester update!

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Columbus as the temperature drops below 60 and the leaves start changing colors! The new kids seem to be settling in well and really getting into the buckeye spirit. I think at this year’s sendoff especially, the incoming freshman really bonded and created some strong friendships that have helped them feel at home here on campus. Not only were these bonds created between the freshmen but also with some of the older students, which is something I feel is very special about our club.

Another big bonus that came from the sendoff was my job (met Dr. Don Stenta, current AVP of Alumni Experiences at OSUAA)!. This semester I have had the pleasure of working in the Office of Advancement and Events in the Longaberger Alumni House. Through this I have gotten to assist with a lot of the work that goes into planning all of our alumni events and was even apart of the Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Hope all is well back in California and as always GO BUCKS!

Isobel Hume

As we’ve mentioned before, growing our scholarship endowment to provide more financial support to current students is a major focus point of our club. From the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you to those that have provided support.

We gave out nearly $10,000 in scholarship money last year and are looking to give more this year. Please enjoy this update from one of our scholarship students, junior Accounting-major Isobel Hume!

And if you have any questions about our scholarship endowment or would like to contribute towards it in a larger way, please reach out to our Club President, Jason Moore, at